Slicr Experience


Slices of Light and Sound:

Slices of Sound Light: The Slicr Experience is our large community centered project focused on the role of sound in communication. Focusing on the perception of sound and light in space, we offer opportunities for discovering connections and understanding. Spanning interactive music/beat apps, live musicians & DJs, video projection mapping in a dome tent that reacts to audio, dancing, and a relaxed vibe, the show gives festival goers the opportunity to socialize, mix and meet while weaving between music creation, visual exploration and storytelling and laying back to soak in all of the magic happening right in front of them.

Select DJs, and musicians will conduct a music jam, keeping the groove going, while others take various approaches to visualizing and audiating the relationship between sound and space, contributing their slices of light and sound to the experience. Moving beyond the passive listening experience in electronic music, this interactive multimedia presentation highlights diverse work from our featured artists and sound designers; Mr. Carmack, Decap, SoSoTopic, Bosko, Bayroo Burner and Knxout. Slices of Sound and Light is accompanied with free downloads for our music creation app, Slicr.