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Beatshop Labs

Where music listeners become music makers.

"We are the music makers, And we are the dreamers of dreams"


 We teach our classes with an entertaining and culturally relevant curriculum, using technology to engage our students. Then we transfer those principles over to our designs and development process for music software and games. Prototyping, developing and implementing software and games in the classroom helps students create, learn and explore in fun, fast paced environments. Using modern music production techniques and concepts, we make learning about music as fun as playing a game for all ages and demographics - we make music happen by turning listeners into (beat) makers.

SLICR : Beat maker / Music Production tool for iOS

Slicr is a beat making tool developed by professional beat-makers, developers, music production teachers from SAE Institute/Ex'pression College and inspired by our students at Beatshop Labs. Slicr lets musicians, pro and amateur, slice sounds and loops with a few taps. In seconds, players can begin jamming to their favorite songs, create new songs through remixing, or load in their own sample libraries and start from scratch. Producer & DJ, MR.CARMACK has teamed up with Beatshop Labs to bring fans an exclusive look into how he makes music and to share his sound design collection.

REBEAT : Repeat the Beat

Rebeat: Repeat the Beat for iOS, a musical Simon Says memory beat game that helps you develop and train your brain to memorize patterns and sequences faster. We use the top modern urban sounds so its no longer just a boring 4 note melody! The rules are simple - Listen to the beat's sound order and then repeat the order back using beat pads. REBEAT helps you repeat the beat! In this fast paced game, you will trade punches with Rebeat bar-by-bar, and the music won’t stop until your memory fails! Rebeat takes inspiration from music learning practices like "call and response". You wait for a “call” from Rebeat and then you repeat the beat back. Every drummer internalizes beat patterns - through muscle memory or mental memory. Rebeat is the best game for musicians, music makers, music educators, producers, beat makers and music lovers.

COOKIE BEATS : Drum Pad Rhythm Game

Through our experience teaching music technology, we design and develop music software and games for iPad and iPhone/iPod to help students learn in fun, fast paced environments like our educational rhythm game, Cookie Beats. Using modern music equipment and concepts, we make learning about music as fun as playing a game! We turn music listeners and lovers into music makers. Cookie Beats is no longer available or supported on the App Store! :(

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What you'll learn

  • Beat-Making in Ableton & Reason

  • DJing

  • Sound Design

  • Sampling

  • Recording

  • Mixing/Mastering


San Francisco, Oakland, Boston


For the past 8 years, our beat labs have provided affordable music technology education to aspiring producers and DJs in the San Francisco Bay Area. We teach beat-making, DJing, composition, sound design, mixing, and mastering.


Classes of 5+ students: $100/ (4) 1-hour classes

Private lessons: Email below for inquiries

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