Slice Beats, Remix, Recycle, Design, DJ, Compose, & Share

       Slicr comes with free sample packs for Trap, Hip-Hop and Electronic music, as well as a free sample pack from Mr.Carmack for slicing and chopping. Slicing is a common sampling technique used by modern electronic musicians to remix and reuse elements from an existing recording. Producers will often slice and sample "breaks", the isolated drum and rhythm sections of recordings. By removing the sounds from their time context, we can isolate sounds and create our own rhythms using Slicr's built-in sequencer and looper.

      Turn your iOS device into a professional sample slicing and chopping beat making production tool with DJ FX mode, and live arrangements similar to Ableton Live. Slicr includes everything you need to create a beat quickly and easily, including 4 banks of samples & slices, built-in effects, plus the ability to create new sequences, loops and record and overdub beats. Import your own sounds from your own custom sample library or collect more than 600 high-quality, professionally recorded samples of vintage synths, drums, rare tape recordings, field recordings and foley as well as hard hitting drums for Hip-Hop and Electronic Music with more packs released each month from cutting edge producers like Mr. Carmack. 


      Slicr is a beat making tool created by producers and music production teachers from SAE Institute/Ex'pression College and inspired by our students at Beatshop Labs. Slicr lets musicians pro and amateur slice sounds and loops with a few taps. In seconds, players can begin jamming to their favorite songs, create new songs through remixing, or load in their own sample libraries to start from scratch. Electronic producer & DJ, MR.CARMACK has teamed up with Beatshop Labs to bring fans an exclusive look into how he makes music and his sound collection.