The Intersection of Coding and Music Production

Music, technology and science hold parallels that are currently being explored in education, music, science, research, hardware and software, as well as the arts — New Media Arts, and Contemporary Modern Art.

In education, new movements created by educators and pedagogues, such as Deeper Learning and Blended Learning are designed to engage students using technology, and challenge them to “learn how to live and learn”.

No wonder, since Google has changed the way we research, study and learn. We are manipulating technology in every aspect of our daily lives and to dig deeper is to learn how to learn.

  • Deeper Learning is aimed at students “drinking from a deep well of knowledge rather than sipping from multiple wells”.
  • Blended Learning uses a combination of online digital media/resources with traditional classroom methods.

Through cross-curricular education we can use small streams, like art and music as a compass directing us through a vast ocean of knowledge, while using technology as the vehicle that keeps us afloat. We can start to see a common thread between these new forms of education, technology and music to lead learners toward more relevant, engaging applications of science and coding.

Even in “open virtual worlds” there are limitations — the rules that you have to play by. Once you understand the basic language of creation you can freely extend the world and its rules. Oh sure, there are still rules when you dig deep down, but that is the quest of living and learning — to dive into these vast oceans of knowledge and hit the crust at the bottom, then wonder what is beneath.