How To Add Samples with DropBox in Slicr

Importing Sounds into Slicr Part 2: DropBox

DropBox Import

There are a few ways you can import your own sounds into Slicr. One way to get sounds and audio files into your iOS Device quickly is with our DropBox feature. The current supported file types are: mp3, wav, and aiff. It will not allow you to download any other file type from your DropBox folder.

Here we’ll demonstrate the steps you must take in order to get your amazing music collection onto your iOS device. 

1. First off, if you don’t have a DropBox account, go sign up here. You get 2GB for free!

2. Next, upload some of your music to DropBox. 2GB will get you about 2,500 songs if they are in mp3 format! (Wow thats a lot of song storage for free!)

3. To do that, go to your browser (Chrome, Firefox, Explorer) and go to

4. Find your music library on your computer and drag the files or folders to the DropBox window.

5. Dropbox will ask you which folder you want to place the files into. If your DropBox folder is empty, just select “Upload”.

Find the Folder of sounds

Find the Folder of sounds

Find the sound file

Find the sound file

The file has been downloaded when it’s gray.

The file has been downloaded when it’s gray.


6. Open Slicr and scroll down to the option labeled DropBox and tap it

7. A login window will appear and follow the steps to login to your DropBox account. If nothing appears, press “Back” and tap DropBox again (or check that your files have completed uploading).

8. Next, tap on the folder you uploaded your files to.

9. Then tap on the file you want to download to your “Crate”

10. When the file turns gray, that means that it has completed downloading.

11. Next, hit “Back” and go to your “Crate”. Your “Crate” is like your own collection of sounds and cropped files within Slicr. Here you will find your downloaded DropBox sound.

12. Next, tap it and then tap “Slice”.